Monday, December 14, 2009

Now Here's a Wedding Vow

We have Dish network now. Have I mentioned that? Have I mentioned how totally against 100+ channels I am? Too much ESPN, too many kids stations, too much TV! And we have movie channels for a while as well. Seriously, did I need to watch Sex in the City (unedited!) at 10 this morning? No, but really I wouldn't have gotten anything else done as my son had me preoccupied. Anyway, there's a wedding scene and they are supposed to write their own vows. Besides the fact that the wedding itself doesn't happen, the vows never got written either? How do you sum up everything that your future spouse means to you? Can it be done? After the movie, my question was answered when I picked up Two From Galilee as I nursed Payton to sleep. I think Joseph, well I guess it's really the author, come pretty close here: (You'd have to change it to first person and direct it to Mary, but what Joseph is thinking here is probably all that you could hope for from a future spouse)

(page 65) "...He, Joseph, had only his love for Mary. She was his Temple, his wealth and his wisdom. And to her he would bring all that he possessed, every stitch, every penny, every eagerly hewn bit of wood. Every fiber of his strong young body, every thought that did not first belong to him who had made her for him, their God.
He was awed by the honor of his undertaking, but he was not humbled. He knew that the gift of total commitment is never small."

Well, it beats Sex in the City and the love letters Carrie read from her smelly old library book. (I do, however, agree that library books have a smell that can't be beat!)

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Monique said...

I would love you borrow that book when you get done, if you don't mind.