Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Day of Technology

I'm worried that technology is making us completely incapable of talking to people. Although I am sure there are more things, ALL of these things happened to me today:
  • I thought to email someone before I decided to phone them.
  • I had to text someone under 25 so I would be sure she got the message.
  • A friend texted me to call another friend to tell her to check her email. (NO! I am NOT making this up. I have witnesses that read this blog.)
  • My neighbor that lives 5 doors away from me said, "you need to get on facebook so we can talk and you can play Scrabble with my mom."
  • A friend said, "oh, I just emailed you from my phone" and I responded, "let me borrow your phone so I can see what you said."
  • My husband put me off and said, "hold on, I can't get this thing to work and it's stressing me out." (He was talking about the remote.) Then he kept talking to the TV and even asked it a question.

and the worst thing is that its not making us smarter bcuz were typing its making us stupider bcuz we abbreviate stuff and dont use punctuation or capitals.


Marie said...

In my defense the only reason I didn't call was because it was time sensitive and I could not be on a personal call durning work hours. Trust me I would have just called her myself but I couldn't. Sorry for making a donkey's end of myself but it was a must.

mamamuniz said...

On a possitive note, as my children have grown and I now work, this is really the only way I "see" some of my friends. Not an ideal situation, but I like keeping up, even if it is in cyberspace!

Rachel said...

This was hilarious Helena amiga. I will be laughing all day. I can't even choose a favorite to list, they're all so poignant. :)

H said...

Yeah, I wasn't really complaining about all of it, just thinking. It was odd that it was all in one day and it didn't phase me in the least, especially yours Marie. In fact, I didn't think the text-to- call-to-email was odd until I read it outloud to Bill. In proper perspective, I think texting really is a handy little way to communicate. (I just really need a new phone with a full keyboard!)

Crystal said...

See! That's why I don't text. It makes me stupider. Hee hee!