Saturday, June 27, 2009

Umm, Umm, Good!

Yep, what you see here is a full plate of dessert. It was after a full plate of dinner. Do I care? Is this wrong? Probably, but I'm pregnant, and I'm at a Keith reunion where they make some seriously good desserts! Desserts I don't get very often. Desserts that I'm sure are full of gooey goodness that have so many calories and so much sugar that I will be paying for it for weeks. But what is really the draw here? They were desserts that were reminiscent of the desserts that my grandmother, Leacy (Keith) Graham, used to make for these same reunions so many years ago. I remember the creamy banana pudding dish with graham crackery-nutty crust (bottom left), and the cherry pie filling sweetness with cake and coconut topping (bottom right), strawberry and chocolate cake (top left), and dessert wouldn't be complete without chocolate pudding with PLENTY of whipped cream. That is a Keith thing, whipped cream or cool whip. We're not picky. Now my mom, and many of her kin folk (that's what we call them out in New Mexico) will be upset if I don't mention the favorite of all- pecan pie. There were 2 typical pecan pies and one my mom baked special- Jack Daniels Chocolate Chip pecan pie. Yep, my mom with the burbon pie (or is it whiskey?). Let's just say it was a big hit and the recipe was requested by many. The real question is, "why is none of this famous pie on your plate, H?" Because I don't really like it. I know, the shame of it all! It's a wonder they haven't disowned me as a Keith.


Anonymous said...

I threw in the Jack Daniels Pie as a little something different. The really big hit in pies are the pecan pies made by Barbara Keith.The Keith brothers will attest to that. I was standing next to Tommy and he asked which was Barbara's pie and I told him. He then made a face at mine and said it didn't compare (of course he didn't know it was mine so I had to embarrass him and say thanks a lot). Also, Grandma (Leacy)did make good banana pudding but the peach cobbler was usually the biggest hit.

The Turley Times said...

Well if you didn't pick Donna as your midwife than no biggie. But if you did you better get your butt to the gym for 45 min a day! :-) Looks fantastic.