Saturday, June 6, 2009

Selling Crap and Washing Cars

Apparently I've not been out on Saturday very often. Either that, or this was the weekend for everyone to sell their crap (AKA: Yard Sales) and have an end of the year car wash. I saw no fewer than 10 yard sale signs and 4 car washes. What was so strange was that 3 of the yard sales were right by where I was going so I could not avoid them and had to look at their crap. Yep, crap, I don't need it. Then, after passing one of the car washes for the 3rd time of the day, I was harassed by the sign guy. I guess the bird poop on the passenger's side window was screaming "I need a car wash!" and since I was clearly not complying they felt it necessary to bug me about it. Nice.

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