Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Youth ROCK!!!

Wednesday is clearly now my favorite day of the week. I'm totally exhausted by the end of the evening, but it is all well worth it. I get to spend a couple of hours with the 12-18 year old girls (and sometimes boys) of our church doing any number of things. Last week we looked at the Personal Progress book to help the girls get on track spiritually, set goals with them, read scriptures, and increased our knowledge to help them pass off one experience in the book. This week was a whole 'nother story...

We had a combined activity with the boys, "Idaho Style". One of the leaders was from Idaho and she set us up to do a video scavenger hunt. We split into 2 teams and set off to record several silly tasks. Our group passed off 12/12 main tasks (only 10 were required) and a couple bonus tasks. It's not like I'm competitive or anything, but team me up with McKinnon and the other team doesn't have a chance! Here's a list of what we got on tape (all kids were required to do each task as a group):
  • Introduce the group members and group name ("Holy Rollers")
  • Sing the Oscar Meyer wiener song while holding a package of hot dogs
  • Share an ice cream
  • Buy exactly $.10 of gas
  • Film a commercial outside of Blockbuster
  • Help a stranger unload their groceries
  • Make a train down a slide
  • Roll down a hill
  • Form a letter or symbol with your body, using all members of the group
  • Get 2 strangers to sing YMCA with the group (this actually took quite a bit of convincing, we asked probably 5-6 people before we had any takers)
  • Recite the Pledge of Allegiance while hanging from a tree
  • Christmas Carol to someone in the ward
  • Have an old couple kiss
  • Hug a gas station attendant

It was HILARIOUS!!! We had a great group of kids with us, including one investigator who had never met any of us before. A little shy at times, they all got behind the fun of it and were game for it all. I wish I had been the gas station attendant, I would have felt the love.

I've got video proof if anyone want to see the footage.


Monique said...

I would love to see that video! LOL

April said...

Fun! We did this once when I was in young womens and I was in Roberto Montes's car. He was a stickler about doing things right but he was also hilarious! Alos, my first karaoke number was with Roberto to I Got You Babe. Priceless.

H said...

A, does that mean that you and Roberto were singing that to each other? That would be priceless!

proud parents said...

Ah, I remember those potato days! Thanks, Jena, for the trip down memory lane! Reminds me of flashlight tag too.

April said...

Yes, Roberto and I sang a duet to I Got You Babe. I was fifteen and probably giggled through the whole thing. He was a very fun leader.