Saturday, June 6, 2009

NTS: The 3pm Temple Session is FULL

I try to make it to the temple once a week. That was pretty easy when the kids were in school because I could go in the morning during the week. I suppose once camp is over in June I can try to do that again and find someone to watch the girls for me. But, for right now, I'm pretty much stuck with Saturdays and/or Tuesday or Thursday night. I haven't been getting up at the crack of dawn anymore, so by the time I'm up and moving on Saturday, and gotten something done (like some laundry) it's after noon already. Then Bill is finishing the lawn work, I'm feeding people lunch and next thing I know it's after 1 or 2pm.

Me: "Babe, I haven't made it to the temple yet this week."
Babe: "Go."
Me: "OK."

Then, like 30 minutes to an hour later (because I've finished doing something or checked my email), I finally leave. I arrive just in time for the 3pm session. This has happened twice now.

Note to self (and anyone else that cares): The 3:00pm Saturday session at the Mesa Temple is for people going through for the first time. When people go through for the first time, other people that they know tend to go with them. Because of this, the session tends to be quite full. Not just full, but overflowing. They always ask you to stay behind if you aren't with the newbies. And let's face it, who's gonna sneak into a temple session on false pretenses? Nope, not me. So you wait until the 3:30 session and it takes FOREVER because you are still waiting for that session before you to finish up because it was so stinking full.

I usually don't mind waiting around at the temple because it is so peaceful and calm. I have time to contemplate, read scriptures, pray, etc. BUT, when I tell Bill that I should be home by 5 or 5:30 and I don't even get out until after 6pm, I start to feel guilty. Not guilty enough to not stop at the bookstore to call him (because I forgot my phone), and not guilty enough to not do a little shopping while I was in said bookstore, but a little guilty none the less. He did get a nice new tie tack out of the ordeal though. Be sure to ooh and aah on Sunday. CTR baby!


Crystal said...

You must have been starving while you were in the temple!!! I don't know how you do it while you are pregnant. Didn't you have to pee a ton too? I would have taken the easy way out and gone for initiatory work instead to be done sooner. You are definitely more patient and self sacrificing than I am. You're a fabulous example of what kind of attitude we all need for temple worship.

p.s. I found that Friday morning at 7:30 was great. I know that doesn't work for you now since you are doing summer camp but when you are done with it if you ever feel the inclination on a Friday morning, give me a call and I'll watch you kids for you . . .

Crystal said...

Bookstore? Really? Not a restaurant or fast food? That's where I would have headed! I would have come home with a turkey club sandwich and a smoothie to boot and then asked Bill, "where's yours?" Just kidding. But I would have probably tried to scrounge up some food somewhere. (forgot to write that in my last lengthy comments section so I had to come back and publish this comment. I couldn't let it slide.)