Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Entertainment

Tommy Keith is one of "the brothers". The brothers are the 5 remaining Keiths in this line from Talbert Dalton Keith. He had 5 kids with Emmaline, including my Grandma and her sister Iva. Aunt Iva is 100 years old and is the only child of Emma's that is still living. She hasn't been able to make the reunion is several years, and she is surely missed. The rest of these brothers are the result of Talbert's second wife, Laura.

Here's the impromptu band that is created when you bring a bunch of Keiths together. From left to right: Tommy Keith, Harold Keith (from a line other than Talbert's), Keith I-can't-remember-his-last-name (he's married to Gail, she's one of Talbert's grandchildren, I think), and Lois. Here's the scoop on Lois. I wrote her name as Loys last year because that's what my mom said. She said that because that's what Tommy called her. Lois (pronounce it Low-is, just like it looks and just like you would expect it to sound) was Tommy's girlfriend last year. This year she is his wife. They've been married for a week and the word at the reunion was they "had to get married". Oh, ah-ha-ha, my family is such a riot. Anyway, Tommy calls her Loys (say it like Joyce, except with an "L") and this bugs her. Why would that bother a second wife? Because his first wife's name was Joyce. Oh, ah-ha-ha, my uncle is in Trouble! (That would be trouble, with a capital "T"!)
Lois is the one that started the playing this year, followed closely by Harold. She has a beautiful voice, if you like that kind of singing. I didn't happen to know a single song she sang. Harold was the other one that hung in there for a long time. He has an awesome voice as well, and at one point I THOUGHT I knew one of his songs, but didn't. I'm hoping that next year they practice up on some Garth Brooks or George Strait. At least some Kenny Rogers would be nice and then Lois could sing some Dolly Parton lines, no? Tommy sat down for a while, but ran off to chat with family more often than he played. Keith was catchin' a few beats on the harmonica, which was pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

Aunt Iva is actually 101 this year.Gail is the daughter of Uncle Edward (passed away in 2007 and he loved these reunions like you couldn't believe. He would always call me at Christmas so we could catch up and laughed a lot) And yes Gail is Grandad Talbert and Grandma Laura's granddaughter. I so enjoyed seeing my cousin Gail this year and meeting Keith. I don't believe I had seen Gail since I was about 10 when we visited them in Washington.
Mom (otherwise known as anonymous because I am to lazy to log into all that stuff).

El Alacran said...

Iva passed away this year at 102.

I discovered this when doing a little dabbling in geneology, my father being Lewis Britton Keith, who I believe a son of Emmaline. Lewis died in 1982.

I have been compiling a family tree at . Any additional info would be appreciated.

H said...

El, sounds like you're family! My mom says that Uncle Lewis had a son named Paul that came to one of the reunions several years ago. I imagine he's a brother, or half brother of yours somehow. We're busy with kids and holiday stuff right now but will check out your family tree soon. My mom has done quite a bit of work on her father's side, but the Keith side is not as complete.