Friday, June 26, 2009

Let the Road Trip Begin...

When driving through New Mexico (on I25, I think!), one must always make the important stop in Pie Town. Yes, Pie town has just what it's name implies, PIE! And that pie, at the Pie-O-Neer restaurant, is DEE-LISH!Our friends, Dave and Sue, made this same stop on their last road trip through NM. It was funny because they described the front porch, just as I remembered it (minus the actual rocking chairs), and I knew exactly where they were talking about. The owner, Kathy, has been there for years, leasing it out only on occasion when she needed what she calls a "reality check". I get that. I need to run away from life sometimes, and I certainly would if I lived in Pie Town. There's not much there, not many people, and it could get really old, really quick, if it weren't for her spunky nature and love of people.

We signed the guest book (a regular, spiral bound college notebook) and I glanced at some of the other names in there. Many people wrote about how they heard of this place from one magazine or another. The fun part was that 2 of them read it in a cycling magazine. April, I expect to see Ryan's name in there the next time I go through! There was one man from Idaho that stopped in on his bike ride, and another from Berlin. Yep, Berlin, as in Germany!

We were hungry this trip, so we had a lunch of spinach quesadillas and a grilled sandwich that is slipping my mind right now. We took our pie to go and had it that night when we arrived at our destination. At $4.95/slice it isn't cheap, but you're on vacation, right?!

As we left, my mom gave Kathy (a practical stranger!) a big hug and I realized why I'm such a huggy kind of person. It's all my mom's fault! Dang that Freud for always being right. Oh well, we are who we are.

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Amanda said...

I need to put Pie Town on my list of places to go in NM. Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad I got to see you this trip!