Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Proposition 100, I'm for it!

Ya know, as much as Bill complains about me following politics and as much as he dismisses anything I have to say when I get heated and uptight about all this stuff, you'd think he wouldn't send me links to articles about propositions. But he did. He sent this one on 1% Temporary Sales-Tax Increase.

This comment really made me think...

I’m a high school student here in Arizona. Just this past Monday, 45 of our teachers were told they may not have jobs next year. In addition, clubs will cease to exist, art classes may be cut, music programs may get cut, and athletics will become so costly that they too may not even exist. This has devastated all of us, and it’s completely unfair to all that are involved.

As a 17 year-old informed citizen, I wish I had the power to go out and vote yes on Proposition 100, but I can’t. I’m too young to have an opinion according to law (even though I’m far more informed than those who have the ability to vote.) However, i’m not letting this become an obstacle. As students, we’re banning together to get this Proposition passed. We’re raising awareness in our community and influencing everyone 18 years and older to go out and VOTE. As of now, the state is taking money away from children. Defenseless kids without a say in how they believe their educational system should be run. It’s a civil right to get an education, and without prop 100 passing, we’re inching closer to having that right denied.

Important points:
  • This tax is temporary. It would require a 2/3 vote in the legislature to raise it permanently. The sales tax would automatically repeal on May 31, 2013.
  • There are 25 states that have a higher sales tax than Arizona.
  • Arizona per-pupil funding is currently among the lowest in the nation.

I don't understand what economists have to say about this. I don't care what the business climate of AZ is. Bottom line for me is this: We're talking about our kids here and we're talking about their education. All the rest is irrelevant to me. That may make me short sited, but I don't really care. The kids are our future and it seems like they are the last ones to get our money. This sales tax increase isn't the answer, but it's a start. Schools need more money period and we need to start somewhere.

If this doesn't pass, I think I'll find out how to write a proposition for the November ballot. I'm going to propose a tax increase on fast-food restaurants to fund education. Does it make sense? Probably not, but neither does politics.


tempe turley said...

I'm with you on this one Helena!

In other news...

Did you know that our legislature is actually trying to pass a bill to cut taxes on business????


So, while we're going to raise sales taxes 1%, a very regressive tax by the way (it hits lower income people harder than higher income people)... we want to actually try to cut taxes on businesses.

I guess its not a tax bill if we call it a jobs bill.

You know how you bring jobs into the state? Make sure we have excellent schools - K-12 and universities. Good schools attract good people who will want to come to Arizona knowing we will educate their kids well.

Attracting talent to this state attracts businesses who in the new century want to be where its easy to recruit talented people to move to...

Did you know Google was in Tempe for a couple of years. They left. I'm sure they had trouble recruiting the talent they need.

Its also no secret that San Jose, California a high tax state is a hub for technology startups.

This is a rant. But quality schools is one of the most important ways to improve our communities.

Companies will put up with a higher tax code if they know they will attract employers that will make them a lot of money.

H said...

Man, I can't even bait a debate with Scott on this one. Oh well. He made another excellent point, which I did understand but neglected to mention... GOOD SCHOOLS BRING GOOD BUSINESSES WITH GOOD FAMILIES TO RECEIVE A GOOD EDUCATION!!!

Thanks for the comment, Scott. I'll look up that other bill soon.