Sunday, April 18, 2010

No Pressure

I think most people have heard the saying, "behind every great man is a better woman." I think, put that way, I can deal with that statement. It says we support our husbands and they couldn't accomplish the things they do without our help, or at least they couldn't if we told them they couldn't. Right?

But I heard someone say it this way today (by a man): "women make us who we are." Ugh, I don't like it that way. That implies that it's our job to form, shape, and lead them in the right direction. No thank you. I didn't sign up for that job. Their mother should have done that.

I know, it's just a matter of semantics, right? Yeah, but no.


April said...
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April said...

Right on again. We should all be individuals. We should enjoy each others company and inspire each other but should not depend on each other for self esteem or growth. That is an individual responsibility.