Sunday, April 18, 2010

NTS: I Don't Like Garbonzo Beans, Even if They're called Chickpeas

Chickpeas sound cute and soft and round. Garbonzo beans are not. Garbonzo beans and chikpeas are the same thing. I know this. The can states it. You buy garbonzo beans and they say underneath the big letters that they are chickpeas. You can't buy one without buying the other because they are the one in the same. I don't like either one. Not even in soup. Especially not in a soup where the bean/pea is the main ingredient. Even if the soup has roasted red peppers in it. The only hope was to mash those babies up and hope they taste a little better. It worked, in the texture department, but they were still garbonzo beans.

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proud parents said...

But you like hummus!