Sunday, April 18, 2010

NTS: It's Still Too Cold to Go Swimming

Ai, yie-yie! We took the girls to my brother's house yesterday to go swimming and yikes (!) was it cold. What was I thinking? Um, I was thinking that Kyra joined a swim club at school and didn't know how to do a somersault under water. She was pretty sad that day so I figured we could learn this weekend before she was faced with the problem again next week. Nobody at all questioned me on water temperature. Not Bill, not my brother, not my mom. It's hot out so it's time to go swimming. Nope. We pulled in and Loreen said, "Did you guys come to use the pool? It's still going to be pretty cold." Where was she with the voice of reason when I needed her?

Oh well. We came, we swam, we froze. Mission accomplished, somersault completed.

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April said...

This is why I had problems on my honeymoon in the carribean. We were in St. Thomas on one of the ten most beautiful beaches of the world and I was like, "Uh, wanna take a nap on the beach?" It was too cold! We did take a nap. Tee hee!