Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Know Who You Are"

We had a lesson in YW today about marrying in the temple. Among the many things discussed, was how you find your eternal mate. I liked that we weren't writing a list of qualities to look for in a husband or date, but more of how you get to the point that you are ready to go to the temple and be sealed to someone for eternity. I was so impressed by a comment by one of our young women. She said, "you have to know who you are" before you can find out who you want to be with the rest of your life. WOW! She admitted that her mom told her that, but how important it was for her to understand. That, my friends, is individual worth. How, on earth, will you be good for your companion if you don't first know who you are?


April said...
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April said...

Right on! And I think if women miss that mark before marriage that's why they have to go to school before they have kids so they can find out who they are! If not, that's when women become abusers at age thirty with three-four kids in tow. They're finally grown up, know who they are and have left their stagnant husbands behind. It's a huge problem in our church if I can be so bold as to say that. Yep, I just said that. Go to school first, then get married.