Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not Such A Wordless Wednesday

I've been meaning to take a camera to school so I could take a picture of a hand painted yet correctly spelled sign that I see everyday by this dive of a shopping center on 48th street and Southern but it doesn't really matter if I took the camera because the lame rechargeable batteries keep dying to the point that the camera doesn't even recognize that there are batteries in the dang thing and even if I did get the picture I wouldn't be able to post it because although I can download some of the pictures to my laptop I can't download them all because the dang thing won't work properly on account of the fact that it's been running on 0% power for too long because I bought a knock off charger instead of investing in the Dell one that costs at least 3 times as much but would have at least charged it and now I realize I should have listened to a friend who spent a boat load fixing her laptop because she let the battery run dead one too many times.

Anyway, here's what the sign says:

Special Flowers
$9.99 -->
I don't know, it just seems like an odd combination of items and services to be offered in one location. But who am I to say? I'm just some lame blogger that probably should have used some punctuation in that first sentence.


Sara said...

Hey, if you're talking about this friend, it was the husband that let the battery go dead one to many times. Said friend is always careful to find the charger! Sorry about your technology troubles. It can be such a pain. Crap, I just got the red battery picture. See ya!

The Turley Times said...

This is husband on Sara's account - our hard drive crash, I don't believe, had anything to do with the battery going dead... I'm not sure why our harddrive has failed 3 times since we've owned the computer...

It may have been one of those Mac "features", who knows.

April said...

Ryan and I laugh about that sign all of the time. Just last week I told him it reminds of a chapter in Couplehood by Paul Reiser. He writes about how we try to combine things to make life easier, then he lists things in absurd combinations. It's a cell phone and a tea cozy! Awesome!