Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Doting Baboon Dads Get More Grandkids"

I was checking my gmail account and saw the Discovery channel link to an article claiming baboon fathers that took care of their young had more grandchildren. Apparently, if papa baboon hangs out with the kids they mature quicker, find mates easier, and start reproducing sooner. As a result, they get more grandkids. They took other factors into consideration, but the bottom line is that daddy helps the kids grow. (If mom is not around, they can't make it at all. Sad)

So who cares? Well, they go on to talk about other species in the monkey kingdom. it comes...lets talk about humans. Here's the quote: "Human males get a bad rap, but men are fabulous fathers in comparison to 90 percent of the rest of the mammalian world..." Great. Let's give all fathers a pat on the back because they do a better job than the baboon.


Cramster said...

That is funny. But you know what? Men reading that probably think, "finally, the press is giving me the accolades I deserve!"

April said...

That's hysterical. I so agreee. And you know that a man wrote that article.

Rachel said...

That means that there are 10% of monkeys out there doing a better job than men. Awesome!

Bridget said...

oh no! the world is coming to an end!!! we are comparing men to monkeys aaahhhh!!!! JK

lol I love it when Jason helps out the kids love it and everyone wins.