Tuesday, February 19, 2008

AAH! Where's my laptop?!

So here I am, finally out of my sicko world of going to bed at 9pm, coughing hysterically for hours on end, lying around all day long so my body aches, but too tired to do anything productive...ready to blog and communicate to the outside world...and the laptop is gone! How dare Bill take the thing to school when I NEED it! Forget that we got a laptop so he could stop being the old man and only one without access to the internet during class. Forget that it is his first day back to school in a month. I need the thing to make my way back into the world. I feel so lost, so shut off, so secluded from everything I hold near and dear to my heart. And dang it, I'm definately NOT going to sit at the computer desk to scroll through everyone's blogs, or read the 150 plus emails (OK, actually I'd delete all the forwarded stuff after this long), and I don't even think I can compose a decent blog hunched over in this completely uncomfortable chair. So my dear friends...I miss you and I want to read your stuff, but I'm just not feeling THAT good. Bill has told me for 3 days in a row now that tomorrow the cough will be gone. But did you hear that? Hack, hack. And it hurts at the back of my head, especially when I try to hold it in. I guess I'll go to the couch and crochet while I watch reruns on CSI. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to log on. I know there's something hysterical waiting on April's blog, a strange conversation on Monique's, a darling shot of Sophia on Rachel's, the Cram's are ster-ring, probably a new baby waiting at the Weir's, the Turley's have had 2 weeks of email updates that I haven't read...AAAH...I'm forgeting people but my neck itches from the coughs. Blah. Good-night. And hopefully I'll "see" you all tomorrow.


April said...

Sorry to disappoint you, but there's nothing funny on my blog, unless you think the croup is hysterical. First my kids were sick, then my hubby caught something from work, and I caught what he had. I too, have been out of the loop, and it's boring and unbearable! Here's to health and humor and the hopes that we will both have it back someday!

Rachel said...

I thought you must have gone on vacation! My condolences for your sickness. I'm crossing my fingers we don't get something, we get precious little sleep around here with Miss up all night Sophia, without us adding sickness to the milieu! I'll pray your cough goes away today!