Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I call Bill "babe" and he calls me "babe". It's just a common ground, somewhat affectionate, term used back and forth between us. We both know that and have been doing it for years. So here's the conversation we had this evening, from one room to the other.

B: Who is babe?
H: What?
B: Who is babe?
I'm sure I misunderstood, because he's babe
B: Honey?! Who is babe?
I get up and go to the other room. He is holding my cell phone and looking at the call list. This Babe person has called me a lot and he doesn't recognize the number.
B: Who is babe? (holding the phone up for me to see, with an accusatory look on his face)
H: You are.
B: Oh, is that my work number?
H: Yeah, that's why it says, "Babe, work"
B: Oh.
Now he's relieved and I'm laughing. What a dork! Gosh I love him. It's hard to make your husband jealous after so many years of marriage but apparently it just takes him calling you to do the trick. Imagine what will happen when he goes senile?!

He just threatened me not to post this but then I read it out loud to him and he was laughing so hard I had to stop so he could regroup. He thought it was pretty funny when I read it, but apparently there was more to the conversation than I thought.


Cramster said...

That is funny. And too cute.

April said...

That is too cute! I think you should start giving your girlfriends code names on your phone like hottie, stacked, great bod, and blondie. See what happens then!

Monique said...

This has got to be the funniest thing I have read in a while. LOL Awww, you still got it "babe"!

H said...

Alright April, you've got first dibs on code names, who do you want to be?

BTG said...

For the record, I have recently started a new job. With the new job comes a new phone number. When I give out my number, it is an 800 number. What displays in the caller id is a local number. Even now, I couldn't tell you what that number is. That is why I didn't recognize the number as me. But yes, I may also be losing my mind!

Bridget said...

lol Jason has checked my phone before and asked who I called and it was something like a store or checker... men are so funny