Thursday, May 10, 2012

Washington Square Park

Ah, the arch at Washington Square Park (5th Ave and 6th St).  I can now say that I've been there.  This park is used for a lot of filming.  Most recently I saw Ronald McDonald and some kids running around in front of it.  There is (or was, I didn't see it) a corner of the park with chess tables where they filmed Searching for Bobby Fischer. Harry goes running by the park on New Years Eve when he decides he loves Sally, but this is also the first NYC scene from When Harry Met Sally. Sally pulls up to the arch to let Harry out, they shake hands, and don't see each other for another 5 years.

I'd go back. It's a nice little park and easy to walk from end to end. There is a fountain in the middle that kids can run around without you losing site of them, plenty of seating, a playground, some food vendors, and several musicians and performers positioned strategically throughout the park.

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April said...

Washington square park. Hahaha!