Thursday, May 10, 2012

Corner of Groove and Bedford, in the village

Yep, this is the Friends building (90 Bedford), home to all the friends at one point or another, except for Ross unless you count the time he lived with his grandma (or something like that). I took another picture of the building across the street where "ugly naked guy" would have lived. Let's just say that it would have taken an extremely long poking device to see if he was dead, but totally doable- there are a couple of trees between the buildings so I don't think anyone would have noticed the poker.

While walking from this building to the Huxtables I found several other interesting sites:
  • Chumleys (86 Bedford), a former speak easy that apparently had a secret entrance. It was gone, completely gutted with barricades around it. Looks like the police finally shut the place down.
  • The Narrowest Home in Manhattan (75 1/2 Bedford). It's seriously 9 1/2 feet wide. Home to an old poet or something. I took a picture of the plaque outside so I'd know for later.
  • A delish bakery where I bought a piece of crusty bread to take to my aunt later. I ended up eating it when I realized I wasn't going to get my pastrami sandwich and that my aunt was in a grouchy mood.
  • A Hardware Store (in the village, somewhere). They close at 8:30 on the weekdays, earlier on Friday and Saturday.


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Ross actually was roomates with Joey and Chandler for awhile while he was looking for a new apartment, thus completing the circle.