Tuesday, May 8, 2012

112th and Broadway

This was the first place I went on this trip to New York. Not because I was that excited to go, but mainly because I'd been on two different airplanes (neither of which served any kind of food, not even salty nuts or stale pretzles) and I was hungry. I was all set to order Elaine's "big salad", but was disappointed when it wasn't on the menu. The inside wasn't at all like Monk's is on Seinfeld, but there are a bunch of Seinfeld pictures all over one wall. None of this was disappointing to me in any way, mind you, I am just stating facts. I enjoyed my eggplant sandwich, but have had better right here in Scottsdale at Delfalco's. It is the atmosphere that I always appreciate while on vacation anywhere. At one point, the Greek owner hurriedly filled my water glass as several servers (all male) leaned back to watch the NY Knicks inevitably beat the Miami Heat. It is so entertaining to watch any NY sporting event around true New Yorkers. If you have time, head east down 112th and go into the church at the end of the street. My aunt says it's gorgeous inside.
But seriously, how can you look at this sign and not be singing in your head the little "bu-duh-dum-du-dum-duh" jingle that intro's some stupid conversation that will undoubtedly ensue?


Lisa said...

Cafe in Seinfeld. I am so envious. I've never been to NY. Have a blast and keep posting!

April said...

Totally Seinfeld. George is in there somewhere doing something stupid.