Thursday, May 10, 2012

205 E Houston Street

Maybe I should have shown the inside of this place, but I didn't get the best shot once in. They hand you a ticket on your way inside and it is super duper busy. There are something like 5 deli guys taking orders and the ticket giver kind of gets annoyed when people are standing around and tries to get everyone to file in and get in a line. This shoving kind of worked to my advantage, however, as I noticed that the pastrami sandwich I had been wanting was $15.95. Well, for that price, I can see why Sally made such a scene in the place during a nice discussion in When Harry Met Sally. And, since I'm a big Harry/Sally nerd, I will point out that the lady that says, "I want what she's having" is Rob Reiner's mom and, since she's already sitting, would have already placed her order.

So what did I order? Not a thing. I made my way to the back, went to the bathroom, tried to nonchalantly take a picture of the place, and then exited, returning my ticket to the kind cashier in the booth. I decided this was done often enough since my ticket actually said, "please return your ticket upon exiting, whether used or unused". I imagine they're just keeping track of how many crazies go through the place. If I had been with Bill or something, I probably would have stayed and forked out the money. Next time, for sure.


April said...

Sex and the city?

H said...

Oh come on! Bill called me while I was waiting for a bus to get here...I told him I was going to fake an orgasm at Katz!

April said...

I really don't need to read the words Bill and orgasm in te same sentence, thanks. But you enjoy your bread with all the fixings on the side.