Wednesday, May 9, 2012

89th and Central Park West (32 W 89th St)

When I was looking up movie/tv sites in NY City, this was the only residence that I really cared about finding. I mean seriously, outside of this one picture, I could not have identified a single one of the pictures that I took without having been there and told what it was. I absolutely love, love, LOVE the winding steps to this brownstone and can picture Sally lecturing Harry that "you don't have to show every emotion you have the second you have it." This argument happens as the two of them are helping Jess and Marie set up their new place in When Harry Met Sally. Moments after Harry and Sally make up, Jess comes down the steps with his stupid wagon wheel coffee table.

(I feel so New Yorker-y, having used the term "brownstone" appropriately there.)


April said...

No idea but so pretty.

H said...

Think....” Stupid wagon wheel coffee table”

April said...

Baby fish mouth! Baby fish mouth!