Friday, May 27, 2011

A Scientist in the Making

Kyra was one of 2 7th grade students to receive the Science award at her school. Yeah, Kyra!

Me: Hey Kyra, I sent you an email today. It has some good links on stuff to do this summer.

K: Like places to go and stuff, or stuff to do online.

Me: Both. There are some sites you can visit and do educational stuff on. One teaches you the science and math behind softball and what hits a homerun, another is put out by NASA. I thought they would be good so your brain doesn't go dead this summer.

K: Cool.

Me: Also, I want you to look up what soy lecithin is.

K: What?

Me: Look up what soy lecithn is. It's in a lot of yummy stuff (as I'm looking at the ingredients on a delicious Utah Truffle that I'm eating). It says it's an emulsifier. That sounds scientific. Find out what an emulsifier is.

K: Why would I do that?

Me: Because you're the scientist in the family so you should find this stuff out.

K: But if it's bad for us you'll stop letting us eat candy.

Meanwhile... Payton is licking the chocolate off the underside of a Fiber One bar. I'm sure that's the part with all the soy lecithin in it, and not the part with any of the fiber. Now, the scientist in him is trying to determine how much licking and stickiness it will take to make that bar stick to the side of the leather ottoman. It's not working though, so he'll have to talk with his sister when she gets home from her last day of 7th grade... the last day at McKemy, ever.


mamamuniz said...

So funny! Also, where is she going next year? And, I had to take a lot of soy lecithin, it helped me to prevent mastitis, which I was prone to. Supposed to be good for your brain too, I think!

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you commented on my blog. I thought I better return the love since I always read your blog but hardly comment.

You know, PB and pinecones would have been easier and quicker for my little project - our neighbor has a pine tree that drops a bunch of cones on our front yard. I wouldn't have had to go the store, even. Apparently I need some scientific help from your children.

April said...

I love everything about this post. Everything!