Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not Even a Half of an Hour with the Sauers

No, not THOSE Sauers, the parents of THAT Sauer. (I'm going to talk in super secret code here so as not to divulge any names. If you don't know me or the people I know you will be completely lost.)

Upon her arrival home, Mama S. is on the phone talking the talk of a working woman. When she finally hangs up...

Mama: OK, I'm home now. (smooch, smooch) How are you?
Papa: You know, always busy. (or something like that)
Mama: There was a song on the radio today and I was sad because you weren't there to dance with me.
Papa: Oh, well, I'm sorry.
(More kiss, kiss, smooch, smooch)
Mama: I was on the freeway driving though so it wasn't the best time.
(I can't stop laughing. They know they amuse me.)
Me: Oh, that is so bloggable!

A few moments later, THAT Sauer takes a step over the gate to get to the door and his mom gripes about it. He forgot the fake sour cream (four cream) and needs it for J's dinner. Some talk ensues about when A will get home and when she rescheduled her flight for. There is also some discussion on what it's like to be in charge of the children 24/7, not getting a full 40 hours in and taking vacation time without getting a vacation (we played the silent violin for him), and something about bladder control. I don't follow all of this discussion because, as much as they amuse me, I'm trying to input some data here. All I hear is...

"Vagina, I have not."

I don't have to tell you who said it, do I?

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April said...

OMG, seriously snorting with laughter over here. So funny! See, this is why we're frineds. You get my family and you giggle with them/at them, adore them. So fun. Yes, I know who said the last line. I'm curious about the bladder control part of the discussion. And I know what song was playing on the radio. Do you know which song it was?