Monday, May 2, 2011

NTS: All Ground Turkey is NOT Created Equal

You can pretty much tell when you buy ground turkey if it is super soft or more like ground beef. The problem comes when you plan on making burgers and you want to grill them. Seriously, if you can't mold it and put it on a plate, don't try to grill it. That just seems to make sense to me. This evening I could pretty much tell, as I flopped the turkey in the bowl, that there was no grilling these babies. Bill really wanted to, so he started the grill, but they never even made it out the door. I pretty much had to drop the sticky mess into the frying pan and hope for the best. And oh boy, were they the best.

I started with 2(ish) pounds of mushy ground turkey, added an egg and all the bread crumbs I had (maybe 1/2 a cup). I chopped up some fresh parsley I had from a weekend meal, added some fresh minced garlic, and a chopped green onion that I bought for a Cinco De Mayo meal on Thursday. Tasha wanted them plain, so I cooked 2 just like that. Then came the feta cheese. Mmm,mmm, feta cheese. I crumbled in a bunch (like a cup) of Greek Feta from Haji Baba's in Tempe. That's the place to buy feta- $3.99/lb and it's good stuff. I know. I'm Greek. I added a couple of these burgers to the pan while I cut up some kalamata olives. These stupid olives, if they weren't so good, would be on my never-buy-to-cook-with list. But they are yummy, so I spent the pan frying time cutting the meat of of these olives. The first 2 burgers came off, I flipped the ones with feta, added 2 more with just feta and then proceeded to add the kalamatas to the remaining mix. I ended up with 4 burgers with all the goods in it.

10 burgers total (leftovers, hooray!) and they were a hit! Deliciously juicy and tasty with a little Greek kick to it. I was surprised that Bill raved about them since he ruined my Greek Easter plans with a "I don't like lamb" comment. But, that's a whole other post in the making...

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Monique said...

Next time, I heard that if you form them and then put them in the fridge for about an hour you can get something grill-able. But, that requires more time then I got some days and it sounds like it turned out scrum-diddely-umptious!