Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Afternoon with Bill

On the way to buy sunglasses:

Me: I don't know why you need sunglasses, those visor things the eye doctor gave you look pretty cool.
Bill: I'm sure they do. I'll tell you one nice thing about them though...I've been looking at your boobs this whole time and you didn't even know.
Me: Nice. That's why you want shades? To look at women's boobs?
Bill: Yeah. I keep getting slapped in the face for it.

While buying sunglasses:

Bill: How about these?
Me: They're ok, but a little small. Try these.
Bill: Huh, what do you think?
Me: Naw, you're not cool enough to pull those off.

After buying sunglasses:
(ok, this has nothing to do with the glasses, it's just after shopping)
Bill peels out of the drive thru area where we pick up Tasha and Justin. I yell at him to slow down, so he does... a lot. I give him the not-so-amused face and he speeds back up.

Me: I DARE you to go slow.

So he does. Really, really slow. I start to giggle. Then laugh. Then I can't laugh because it's too funny and nothing comes out. I'm sucking air at this point and the kids are wondering what's going on and why Bill is driving so slow. I seriously can't stop laughing and it hurts. We eventually get home.

Maybe you had to be there.


April said...

This is why you guys work. Ryan bought a sweater once that I told him he wasn't cool enough for. He calls it his "cool sweater" and wears it often, like, for ten years. Yeah, he's that cool that it's no longer in style. What a dork!

April said...

PS I do not have to be there. I'm laughing with you, but if it was Ryan it would have irritated the tar outta me!