Thursday, September 8, 2011

NTS: Get a Home Phone

I made quite a few phone calls one evening and got to leave messages with several husbands. That just doesn't happen very often anymore. I have my phone, Bill has his. Whomever you wish to speak to, you call and leave them a message. Nobody writes things down anymore, or do they?

Well, it was such a delight chatting with these old guys that I feel I'm doing people an injustice when I am the only one answering my phone. Shouldn't we have a home phone that my children can answer? Isn't that part of growing up, a rite of passage, or at least a fun way to torment telemarketers? Shouldn't Bill be able to share his vast knowledge of my whereabouts with my friends that call?

I just think we're missing out on a little socializing when you only get to talk to the person you are trying to reach. With caller ID, we're also forgetting our manners. We forget to acknowledge who we are, assuming that the person on the other end knows who we are before they pick up the phone.

So, next on the list: buy a home phone without caller ID or an anwering machine and teach my children phone etiquette. (and possible re-teach those same values to some of the people that call my home)

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April said...

Yes, but then you get stuck talking with people like Ryan - and he doesn't shut up.