Monday, September 5, 2011

FHE: Tasha Style

Tasha conducted because that's what she does.
Paton prayed.
Kyra was not informed that she had the song so we skipped it because Pt was cranky anyway. Kyra is usually really good at doing the song. She likes to ask what the lesson is on and then picks something to go with the theme. She will then gather song books and/or make copies of the song so that everyone has the words. Sometimes she will conduct, if I harass her to.
Tasha gave the lesson. It went something like this:
"OK. We're going to talk about how to keep your body healthy and clean. So, everyone, what kinds of things should we eat like fruits and vegetables?" (we answered with fruits and vegetables, because we're THAT kind of a family) She continued..."now we're going to do a spearmint." She poured orange food coloring into a glass, added some baking soda, then poured vinegar in it. It bubbled, turned orange and almost topped the glass. Next, she did the same with green. We all oohed and aahed and PT said, "gen, gen" so she would do it again.
"OK, now I'm going to mix them together.(she does) Which one of these would you like your body to be?" She makes a face at the yicky, now brownish colored vinegar mix, and then smiles at a glass of clear water. We all agree that the clear one is best.
Bill gives the closing prayer and blesses my treat which is resting and waiting to be cooked.
I had treat. We had tacos for dinner and while the family was out washing the van and the car I made them fresh chips as well. Since the oil for frying was out, I looked up a recipe for sopapillas. At dinner, Tasha suggested we have "those puffy things with honey in them" for a treat. I've tried several recipes and have never gotten them right until now. I learned the secret: don't overknead/roll the dough or they will not puff. So, if you want the best recipe with the best tutorial, check this site for super duper sopa's!
And there you have it, FHE, done!

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April said...

That sounds so great. FHE this week consisted of Ryan getting us to do his chores, Justin crying about it, and me keeping the baby from eating dirt and chicken poop. It was awesome. I feel so spiritually refined!
I want Tasha at my house to conduct and do "spearmints".