Monday, September 19, 2011

If You think this is a Picture of Dessert, You're Wrong

The picture is actually of the clean counter, underneath the dessert. I finally have an island back! I haven't seen it since the beginning of the summer. How do I know this? We bought some bamboo at the end of last school year and set it in the middle of the island. That's the fatal mistake, we can't put ANYTHING on the island as a permanent resting place. If there is anything on it, it works like a magnet and attracts EVERYTHING. I've seriously been preparing and cooking off of 1-2 square feet of space for quite a while now.

NTS: Don't leave anything on the island or you will loose the island.

Now I can have people over again. I can make delicious looking cupcakes like my friend did here, and have a party! I can spill something and not worry about it soaking a bunch of school papers. Kyra can leave me a note in the morning and I will see it. "Oh, the things I can think..." of to do with a clean counter!


Amanda said...

Sounds like something the writers of LOST should have known about.

April said...

I don't have island problems it's the end of my table that gets loaded. It's so annoying.

April said...

PS I love the title of this post!