Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How To

Today I should have googled many "how to" articles and videos, including:
  • How to remove vanilla scented lotion from carpet
  • How to remove vanilla scented lotion from leather
  • How to remove vanilla scented lotion from Bullseye, the plastic horsey
  • How to save lunch after it's been dumped on the floor
  • How to teach a toddler to make a pb&j sandwich
  • How to read the directions on the dinner that takes 5 hours in a crock pot to prepare, before it is an hour until dinner (oops)

Instead, I watched a how to video on how to make avocado rolls. I can now make them, but I am deeply disappointed in humantiy. The girl on the video was annoying as all get-out, but very thorough. The comments were more about her appearance and asking her out than they were about the food she prepared. Don't concern yourself with the fact that she claimed her eggrolls were vegan and then smeared egg on the wrapper to seal them, go ahead, leave your number and contact information for all utube fans to view. Ugh.

And the video that I should have made:

"How to get age defying face moisturizer out of your son's hair" would have included a fit as I shoved his head under the shower head and would have ended in a nice soppy towel that he decided needed to be on the floor of the shower instead of hanging up.

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mamamuniz said...

I remember those days! Good thing he's cute, huh?