Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm Tired of Saying "NO!"

After listening to myself say "no" to Payton so many times, I just get tired of it. I wonder if it's worth it, doing any good, or necessary. So, this morning I decided to restrain unless I absolutely had to. I realize "necessary" is a relative term, so guess which 2 items below I did NOT say no to:
  1. Eating his baked potato in the living room, dumping it on the ground .
  2. Pushing the chair around the kitchen to climb up onto the island.
  3. Pushing another chair over to the sink to play in water and dirty dishes, some of them glass.
  4. Playing in the beads for the vase that holds yet another stem of dying bamboo.
  5. Playing in the bowl of flour mix leftover from Sunday dinner.
  6. Drinking from the gallon milk jug after I poured him a sippy cup full of "muck!".
  7. Shoving a DVD under the door while I was taking a shower.
  8. Throwing a metronome on the ground with the possibility of it busting to pieces.
  9. Climbing yet another chair to reach into the knife drawer.
  10. Pulling my computer chair down the hall for who knows what reason.
  11. Taking cucumber and zucchini into the living room to remind Potato Head that if he loses his body he can just use one of them.
  12. Playing with scissors.
  13. Playing with our double deck of Canasta cards. (the ones that haven't been crumpled to pieces yet by his grubby little hands)
  14. Trying to cut through a henna tube with scissors, then going back to the drawer for a knife.
  15. "Cutting" the homemade granola bar on the counter by himself with a spatula.
  16. Pulling out the vaccuum and bringing it to he living room.
  17. Pushing a chair to the freezer to withdraw some ice from the door.
  18. Topsizing the chair as he tried to get it onto the carpet, for who knows what reason.
  19. Climbing me like a jungle gym.
  20. Pulling off the counter and stepping on an unopened CD, repeatedly.

UGH! Boys. Seriously, I only stopped him twice and it's not even noon. Maybe I can convince him it's naptime soon.


Monique said...

My guess is #10 and #13....Wow, one day huh? Sounds a lot like my house, lol.

H said...

Well Mo, you know me and my card obsession too well. Yes, #13 I did not let him do. A girl has the right to at lest 2 decks of unbent cards, doesn't she?

Bridget said...

Oh man I was gonna say #9 and 12 but oh

H said...

Bridget, Bill guessed the scissors as well. I guess I should have mentioned that out scissors aren't very sharp. I didn't say "no" to the knives, I just questioned what he was doing and then he opted for the scissors instead.

There's still one "no" out there. Mo only got the cards.

Moke, Mom and Dad - The Lightburne Family said...
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Moke, Mom and Dad - The Lightburne Family said...

I pick... 8

H said...

Sorry Sue, I asked him to come into the livingroom with the metronome so that when it hit the carpet it wouldn't bust. Sadly, days later, I notice that the battery cover is missing. It is now on top of the fridge, where I probably should have put it then. I'm not even sure where the thing came from :/

Bridget said...

19! 19!

H said...

Nope! Nope! I'd have to wake up before him to stop that from happening. Sorry Bridget.

April said...

This is my life! Well, it was...