Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Umm. Yumm.

White Cheese Chicken Lasagna I made this when my fridge broke and I had spinach, chicken, and mozzarella cheese defrosting. I actually had ricotta and fresh parsley in my fridge, which is very odd. The cooking gods must have known appliance failure was in my future. I used spiral noodles 'cuz I don't do lasagna. Lots of cream and butter in this baby- a heart attack waiting to happen.

Chicken Scampi Silly chicken, scampi is for shrimp! Well, not in my house. This was made for dinner twice in one week, I believe. I subbed shrimp in a couple times when I made it for myself for lunch. Serving it with quinoa is OK, but noodles are better. I also cut the chicken into pieces instead of strips- it pains me to watch my little yahoos try to cut meat sometimes. (My big yahoo does fine!)

Steak Diane with Rosemary Potatoes works great with beef strips as well, 'cuz I'm afraid of steak and don't like to pound it out. This has many of my favorite ingredients: butter, cream, rosemary, worchestershire sauce, and mushrooms. Yum.

Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza I went through a buffalo wing sauce phase there for a while- putting it on all types of chicken, including the nugget form before I cooked them. This pizza was delish. Use whatever pizza crust you like, spread the dressing (ranch or blue cheese) on like you would sauce, and you can just drizzle the hot sauce over the chicken if you don't want to dirty another bowl like me.

Four Cheese Margherita Pizza You know I made this just because it has "margherita" in the title. Actually, I'm not a big fan of regular pizza pizza, especially not with red meat on it. I'm always looking for the non-red sauce, veggie, to-die-for recipe for pizza. The big hit on this one are the fresh tomatoes and basil, and feta cheese. Can't go wrong there!

Rosemary Chicken with Sausage and Potatoes We had this for dinner tonight and before they tasted it both Bill and Kyra said, "this is a keeper." I used a keibasa sausage and chicken breasts cut into pieces, along with the 5 potatoes I had left. This is basically a no-measure dish- my kind of cookin'. I also put it out on the grill to cook 'cuz my oven is done broke.

Green Onion-Parmesan Mornay Sauce I don't know what "mornay" is but we licked the pan clean on this sauce. I served it over noodles and chicken.

So, there you have it. That's what I've been doin' for a while now. The other night I made some chicken in the crock pot and I usually shred it into the broth that I cook it in. It then makes for a fairly dry topping for noodles. This time I pulled out the chicken and made a sauce with the liquid. Oh yeah. I'm good. I'd give you the recipe, but I made it up and I doubt I could duplicate it.

That's right folks, she can cook! It's a miracle.

Not really. I just have to WANT to cook. It's happening more and more these days.


Bill said...

Yes Yes! Yummy ! P.S. the secyrity word I have to enter to post this response is colon. I wonder if it is a sign...

Monique said...

Can't wait to try the steak diane....yummo.

proud parents said...

I think an invite to dinner at your house is in order!