Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shameful, I Know

In order to switch the laundry, fold the clothes, put them away, hang wet jeans on the line, heat up and eat my breakfast, and check my email...I plopped Payton down on the bed with his basket of "toys" and a Baby Einstein video. Yeah, TV at 6 months, I know. Shameful.

Ya gotta be impressed with his unique toys though: a tube of lotion, an empty lemon juice container, saline nose drops, a pretty green plastic party cup, a spoon, and an oxygen mask.

Of course you know why he's naked, right? His diaper leaked. Again. His clothes were washing.

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Sara said...

I would never have survived Lizzie's first year without Baby Einstein. My piano student's wouldn't have, either. Her baby swing lived in front of the TV. You do what you have to do!