Monday, May 10, 2010


Rolling On the Floor Laughing (for you non-texters)

I'm a fan of I can search for anything and find it. I can list ingredients and get something for dinner. I can list ingredients I don't want, and not have them. Whatever. I like it because they send me a recipe every day which makes me think about dinner, which, in turn, gets me to cook dinner. has gotten me to cook. Thank you.

I sort of like that there are many takes on certain foods. Take, for instance, a search for "tuna casserole". How many ways can you combine tuna, noodles, and a cream soup? Apparently 56 different ways. Some have cheese, some veggies, some crushed potato chips, and some have french fried onions. How do you pick? Well, I'd not pick one with peas if I don't like peas. If I don't have potato chips, I don't think I'll pick that one. Seriously, with 56 recipes, I can be picky.

So I read the reviews. Ugh. The reviews. But you kind of have to read at least some of the reviews because they are helpful and sometimes there is a drastic mistake in the original recipe. (I read several comments on a chicken recipe that said the chicken was burnt...apparently the original directions said to cook it at 450 for something like 45 minutes. Yeesh. It was a typo, should have been 350.)

But here's where some people crack me up. (Bear with me, I'm almost there.) These are the first 2 comments on the Easy Tuna Casserole recipe I decide to go with:

Reviewed on Jan. 14, 2008 by ChgoFoodieGal
The recipe's fine as is. I don't understand the need on the part of some to completely re-write the recipe. If you do that, you've created a NEW recipe, so why bother rating this one, as is? (Am I gonna be banned/kicked off the site now for pointing out rudeness?) Just curious. :) This is a new take on the tuna casserole recipe. You either like it or you don't. I think it's fine, as written. Thank you to the creator for posting their creation.

Reviewed on Oct. 23, 2008 by Bennybbc
Great recipe but I'm completely in agreement with the review and comments by, "ChgoFoodieGal". And in that spirit I made some changes to the recipe. For the macaroni I substituted flour, baking soda and baking powder. For the tuna I substituted eggs. For the onions I substituted oil. For the cheese I substituted buttermilk. I ended up with a batter that I cooked on a hot griddle and ended up with pancakes. But it was a great tuna casserole recipe! ;~} Honestly, making a minor change to a recipe you're reviewing is one thing but most of these reviews have changed so many ingredients that I don't see why they bother to review it. It kind of misses the point of posting recipes with specific ingredients, doesn't it? This recipe is either good as it is, (or with a minor modification) or it isn't.

That being said, my noodles are cooking, I'm subbing cream of mushroom for chicken and possibly adding some corn or peas. A-HA! L.M.A.O.


Monique said...

I just made dinner with an allrecipes recipe. With a few minor modifications. ;)

Pam said...

Ok that was funny!! Good for you Helena!! I need to be better for cooking for two agian! As one of the new little plaques I have in my kitchen, I kiss better then I cook!Sooo true sometimes!!

Moke, Mom and Dad - The Lightburne Family said...

New recipes - I use once as written (with a little garlic added for fun) - then they're just guidelines.