Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things That Make Me Go- "HAH!"

I received a Mother's Day special from a diaper company. Just what every mother wants on her special day- diapers. Yeah actually, it is, if they are a good quality at a low price.

The idea of gluten-free, dairy-free macaroni and cheese. Yep, I'll say it again, macaroni (gluten) and cheese (dairy).

My 11 year old asked me "mom, doesn't hopes, wishes, blessings, and prayers all mean the same thing?" Pretty much, yes. She was reading off of a school flier asking us to create a "prayer flag" with hopes, wishes, blessings, and prayers for the school. I imagine if it used the word 'or' in place of 'and' it would make more sense. I just thought it amusing that my 6th grader was smarter than the 3 Waldorf certified teachers in charge of this celebration.

My mom will now send me 5 emails within 5 minutes of each other, each with a separate subject. She does this because she knows if there is one question in a lengthy email I will not respond until I know all the answers. (a question like, "when is the last day of school?") The funny thing is, if I answer 4 emails, I will try to find the answer to that last one just to say I got to them all.

Men. They are just hilarious. (When they are not being stupid. But really they are hilarious then as well.)


Sara said...

Tell me about this gluten free, dairy free mac'n'cheese. I've been making it for Lizzie with rice noodles and goat cheese, but she's not such a fan.

H said...

Sara, It is Justin's dream to have his grandma make him some of her famous mac'n'cheese that he can eat. I say, "HAH! Give it up kid." April says they have a decent rice version at TJ's but it is dairylicious so J can't have it. I still say to just give it up and do without. 'Course that's coming from someone that can eat it. (I haven't found a substitute for chocolate yet though, I'm suffering too!)