Monday, April 27, 2009


Scott is a pumpkin. You have to look at all aspects of the pumpkin's life to understand the pumpkin. It begins by having a fairly long developing period, like 6 months. It takes Scott quite a long time to form a decision because he looks at all the research and all sides of things before he's certain about something. There are also several theories on how to grow the best pumpkin. While one grower may be searching for the biggest and best pumpkin, another might just want a plentiful harvest. The first grower will start a vine and then search out the best one on the vine. The grower will then sacrifice the rest of the pumpkins that don't show as much potential and focus entirely on that one pumpkin. This pumpkin will stick out in a crowd and be special. It has put in it's 10,000 hours of practice and has mastered the art of being a pumpkin. The second grower will be happy with several pumpkins that fit in just about any situation. They can easily be centerpieces at fall gatherings, carved for Halloween, or sliced up and cooked in a delicious pumpkin treat. While I like the grand pumpkins for their sheer impressive behavior, I think I tend to relate better to the latter, more socially accepted pumpkins. Now, at first thought, one might think that a pumpkin is hollow. This is just simply not true. The great thing about the pumpkin is that it is full of seeds of knowledge. Sometimes those seeds are easy to extract, other times you have to pull and tug at them. It might be related to how ripe the fruit is and how ready it is to share it's seeds. I'm not sure. And now, here's the icing on the pumpkin cake. (Which, by the way is a cream cheese frosting and my absolute FAVORITE cake in the whole world. Is it weird that I've been asking my mom for pumpkin birthday cake since I was like 9 years old?) The most ironic thing about Scott being a pumpkin is the thought of when pumpkins are most prevalent. Pumpkins really start making a show in October and flourish at Halloween and early November. Can anyone think of what else happens, say the first Tuesday in November, that might get Scott out in the world and sharing his seeds with us all? Yep, although Scott is always nourishing his political knowledge, it is most apparent during the early fall when the rest of the fruit is paying closer attention.

This is pretty funny...But you should know, that people only really care on November about every four years, perhaps every two for those folks who pay more attention to non-presidential elections...But I love it. -Scott

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