Thursday, April 2, 2009

Disconnection Never Felt So Good

I might not ever reconnect my Internet at my house. Public access is so much more fun. I think we all seclude ourselves in our homes and hide out, away from the world that has so much to offer. My day wouldn't be the same without:

  • The Chinese lady behind me rambling incoherently
  • The seemingly homeless man in his sweats and beanie, working on his laptop
  • The old lady that I made smile because I was laughing to myself about something on my way back to my computer
  • The conversation I overheard where a man was trying to convey to a salesperson (on the phone) that he could not say yes without talking to his wife first. He even went so far as to say, "listen, you're talking to the CEO here, but I can't make a move without getting the OK from the president."
  • The screaming baby
  • The occasional whiff of coffee coming from the Tempe Cafe. (This actually makes me want to go plug in at Starbucks

And, I'm thinking of starting to study German or Gaelic. They have multimedia available for checkout here. Maybe Arabic instead? I don't know, there's also the books on CD about the Clintons. Hmm, so much to offer here, so little time.


Crystal said...

Where did you go, the airport? This place seemed crazy but I'm assuming it was the library. YOu never said in your post where you were when you experienced all of this.

Crissybug said...

I would assume it is the library too. I soooo miss the Tempe library. It seriously was one of the best ones that I ever went to.

Loved the CEO/president comment. I should tell Shawn that one.