Friday, April 3, 2009

Keepin' It Real

Here are some random conversations that pretty much sum up what life is like in our world...

Tasha: See my owie mom? (She shows me her knee)
Me: Yeah, I have one too. (I show her mine)
T: We need some band aids. (We've been out for weeks)
Me: I know, I keep forgetting to buy them.
T: Maybe I'll get some for my birthday tomorrow.
Oh, how very sad that my child wishes she will get band aids for her birthday. Shouldn't this be an essential in a home with small children? Lame mom. But then again, at least my kids aren't spoiled if this is what they are hoping for as a gift.

Kyra: Here Tasha, I bought you this brownie at our bake sale at school.
Tasha: Thanks Kyra!
K: Happy Birthday Tasha.
T: Thanks, this looks yummy.
K: It is. I had some. It was a little bigger before I gave it to you.
T: That's OK.
Nothing is sacred in our house, especially brownies. It's fair game to take a bite before you give it to the one you love.

Me: Tasha, you need to lick the bottom of that ice cream.
Tasha: That's what's great about moms. (Not her mom, moms in general)
Me: What?!
T: If a kid has an ice cream... and it is melting... and a mom sees it... she will tell us to lick it so it doesn't get all over.
Me: Well, I'm glad to be of service.
I think Tasha gets this from Kyra. Kyra likes to explain why things happen a certain way, even when one thing has nothing to do with another.

(The day Tasha is going to go spend the night at my moms house)
Tasha: Mom. Why do we still have Bomp's glasses?
Me: Because he left them here and we haven't seen him since then.
T: We-e-ell. (yes, it is exagerrated) The next time that me... or Kyra... goes to spend the night with Maggy (his lady friend that lives with him)... when we pack our stuff... we should make sure to put his glasses in our stuff so that he will have them again.
Somehow this conversation does not sound nearly as long as it took her to spell it out that day. I'm sure there were a lot more details that I am leaving out. That kid (and her sister for that matter) can go on, and on, and on about things that just make no sense to me until the very, very end. Typically, I don't make it to the end so I have no idea what point they were trying to make.

Tasha: Where are we going now?

Me: I think we'll go to the Lee's. But maybe we need to go home first.

T: No, let's just go there now.

Me: Why? I should put this stuff up and get some food.

T: Well, maybe Sister Lee will feed you. You like it when other people feed you.

Yes, yes I do like that. Apparently I've said that one too many times in front of her.


Marie said...

Your kids are so sweet. I hope Tasha's finger is doing better today.

Crystal said...

AWESOME! I love the brownie with Kyra and I love that Tasha knows you should just come over so I will feed you. That is hilarious!

mamamuniz said...

Um, we get BandAids in our stockings at Christmas here. They make a great gift :-)

Rachel said...

Your blog has cracked me up lately, how focused on food it is! I was the same, and I really think pregnant women should receive a stipend to buy ANYTHING they feel like eating at the moment, it is sooooooooo hard when you have a house full of food and everything in it makes you want to vomit, but IF ONLY you could go buy a philly cheesesteak you'd be happy, ya know?

H said...

Rachel, I am wondering why EVERYTHING outside this house, prepared by someone else sounds delicious. But everything INSIDE this house makes my stomach turn. It's just wrong and expensive. I don't have the money to be pregnant.

PS. Philly cheesesteak? Yum.

Bridget said...

I love the brownie eating before you give it away!!