Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This one is for Justin

On the left: cardboard book titled "Goldeylock and the Three Bears. The Mistery" This is the book that will be used to solve the mystery.
Middle: clad in a green Good Will find faded butterfly shirt, ruffled purple and white striped skorts, white flowered leggings, pink ballet slippers, and a funky sparkly princess tiara is "Princess Pea". (played by Tasha)
Right (seated): sporting running shorts, bright orange shirt signed by her class, and roller-skate shoes that are 3 sizes too small is "Wonder Red". (played by Kyra)
In the background is the "Super Computer" (the TV) and another couple of books that will surely be used in future episodes of our living room version of Super Why.
As for myself, the kids named me "Super Why" so I better go to the rescue...and save "Alpha Pig" (the dog) from the wardrobe department.

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