Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tasha has been tagged

OK, so I thought it was pretty cute that Amanda's son John was tagged by a friend of hers. Then she tagged Tasha so I get to tell you 11 things about Tasha. I tried to think of things you might not know because I don't talk about them all the time...

1. Tasha can roll her r's. She sings this song from preschool that is in English first, then Spanish. "Los manos por detras" has the fanciest r's I've heard from a 4 year old white kid.

2. Tasha loves to swing. It is the most beautiful, peaceful thing I've ever seen her do. She can hop on, pump herself, and keep going for quite a while. Her hair flies behind her as she leans back and the swing goes forward, then back, then forward.

3. Tasha is healthy. Even in the womb she would not let me eat greasy fast food. Now, her fast food of choice is a baked-potato from Wendy's. She eats yogurt and oranges for snacks. Her big downfall is ice cream.

4. Tasha is not a morning kid. She doesn't like to get up and go, maybe because once she is going she doesn't stop. She likes to stretch out her waking-up, bed-stretching, pajama-wearing time as long as she can. She even makes cute little cooing noises when she wakes up that get increasingly louder until someone will come in and hug her little stretching body. It is quite sweet.

5. Tasha is not Monday kid. I don't remember the last Monday that she did not make me scoop her up and put her in the van to drive Kyra to school. She stays in her pj's, snuggles her blanket and has me carry her around since she doesn't have shoes on. When we get home she wants to lay around and watch TV all morning.

6. Tasha doesn't forget. If you tell her you will do something with her you better do it. The promise could be for the next time you see her (in a week, month...), but she will remember! I know we all say this about our kids, and I did about Kyra, but Tasha brings these things up on her own without the slightest bit of memory jogging.

7. Tasha is noise sensitive. This is ironic since she is so stinking loud. When I turn the music up too loud in the van it really makes her crazy, unless it it the right music. If I didn't know she could hear the whispers we try to do behind her back, I might think she had a hearing problem. Hmm, anyone know a good audiologist?! (actually, her hearing was just checked today)

8. Tasha is fast. Bill and I are pretty sure she could beat Kyra in a race. I think she can almost keep pace with Justin but they never did start at the same time the last time I watched them race.

9. Tasha is a picky eater, but she is usually willing to try things. She gets really excited when she can swallow whatever she tries. (You know, unlike getting it into her mouth and then spitting it out) If she doesn't want to try it, she won't. (Enough said?!) She will only eat meat when she needs it, it's a rare occasion, and then it is usually a lot.

10. Tasha can flip her tongue. She can't do it on cue, but I've seen it happen. This she gets from her mother, who can flip her tongue either way.

11. Tasha is a climber. Or a puller. Or a hoister. I don't know what to call it. Ever since she could manage her own weight (which was before she could really stand alone) she has been pulling herself up, using anything as a step-stool, and getting much higher than she could safely fall without damaging herself. Surprisingly, she has never broken anything (knock on the desk). Currently she has taken to hoisting herself onto countertops, leaning her body onto the top, and letting her feet dangle. You would think that would feel bad on the stomach, but she seems to like hanging there. Strange child. I let her do it at home, but she did it in public somewhere and freaked out some lady.

Now Tasha's mom wants to know 11 things about her CTR 6 class. So, let's hear from Jaxen, Elizabeth, and Jacob.

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Rachel said...

I love it! I can honestly say I enjoy reading about your kids, please write more! And you should tag yourself too. I should have done it, really. I can't decide if I want to read 7 little known facts, or if I want the 10 years ago thing. I think...the 10 yrs. thing. I'll be waiting...