Thursday, May 8, 2008

Public Transit Anyone?!

I was on empty. Really empty. Ding, plus 30 miles in the van. No gas card that matches the gas stations on my route home. So I stop and put $10 cash in. That $10 kept me going until about the same time the next day. Ding. $10 more cash. This time, as I start the ignition (at the station)...Ding. That's right, $10 didn't even get me off empty this time.

This gas revelation ($10 of gas/day) hit the week after I returned from New York where a $20 Metro Card got me through the city for 3 days. Needless to say, I was depressed. But then I started adding up what it would have cost to take my daily trips IF the bus or subway were to go to the places I needed to go. $2 to Kyra's school+ $2 to get home+ $2 to Tasha's school+ $2 to go tutor(and pick up Kyra)+ $2 back to pick up Tasha+ $2 back home= $12. I guess it's about the same, but then you have to consider that was just me. When you add the cost of more people the commute gets more expensive, whereas the van holds several people for the same gas price. At least Bill gets his bus pass compliments of University of Phoenix. He's also upped his "Don't drive 1 in 5" to about 3-4 in 5. C-O-O-L.

On another note, Bill and I were checking out the CNG Honda Civic via the internet. Jay Leno had a video on that really made it look good. I wish I could link the video and the subsequent article that we found. All we could say is why are we still driving around in these dirty gas guzzlers? Bill said Detroit. I said Republicans. Maybe we'll go check it out in person and do a whole post on it.

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