Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More kids?!

Besides the fact that Bill is terrified about having another girl, here are my thoughts:

1. I hate being pregnant. Nothing about it is pleasant for me. I am big enough already and the extra 30-50 pounds gained is certainly not a nice experience. Puking, nausea, itching, tiredness, bursts of hormones, depression, anger, elation, puking, nausea...the list goes on and on and around and around. I'm sorry to those that can't get pregnant, and envy those that can and happily carry around that child without any symptoms. My understanding is that bad pregnancy = easy labor/delivery and vice versus. This is true for me and I have been blessed with 2 uncomplicated deliveries. It still takes me a long time to psych myself into getting pregnant again.

2. I really enjoy all the stages of early childhood. I think I fear missing part of it while taking care of another infant or toddler. I know this is insane, but my thought none the less.

3. I might have a one-track mind. I can't really seem to keep one child occupied while helping the other. It makes my brain crazy and I usually end up yelling at someone. This could be because they are 5 years apart in age and completely different personalities, but it could be that I just stink at juggling the needs of 2 children.

4. Tasha moves too much. She can't be still and this makes me crazy. If I was holding an infant and/or trying to nurse I would have to banish Tasha from the room. Hmmm, I don't think this would be good for sibling bonding, would it?

5. All my friends seem to have some really stinkin' cute infants and toddlers. I'm pretty content playing with them and returning them when they are hungry, cranky, and poopy. Come to think of it, I was really good at being and aunt. Maybe I should have stuck to that.

La, la. Maybe now I should make a list of why we should have more?!


Jaylee Draney said...

#6 - Less people to buy food storage for.

My hang up is tempting fate. I have a good thing going, so why rock the boat and throw in another kid? Dang Clint. He's already come to terms he didn't land his fantasy wife, so why hasn't he given up on his fantasy family?

April said...

1. Who likes being pregnant? No one.
2. There's no law against spacing your kids out. God said "multiply and replenish" not "multiply and relplenish right now, I mean it one on top of the other, chop chop."
3. That's what fathers are for. Balance.
4. Sometimes you do have to banish, but there are still bonding moments. Trust me.
5. You cannot have Tyler, I thought we had already established the no "let's take him baby" clause.

So, there you have it...I've thwarted your plan to not have more children. Moah-ah ah! Now get to breeding! And if you are having problems I know of an Acupuntural Angel that specializes in fertility. No Pressure!

Rachel said...

#1, Duh Bill, all girls = Sugar and spice and everything nice. You should be terrified of boys who set the garage on fire and throw themselves off cliffs for fun.

#2. Just think that your kids will get to enjoy each others stages of childhood so even if you miss out on some of it, they get to enjoy it instead!

#3 If you get on this quick, we could still betroth Sophia and the boy, if you somehow on accident, God forbid, get yourself a boy!

H said...

From my mom:

"You may regret I read all this:) I don't enjoy seeing my daughter sick either and I am seeing nothing wrong if you stop at your two adorable, precious girls. And since I have to help out a good deal during this period I am thinking I am not as capable to help you either. Do what feels right between you and Bill. And remember how old I was when I had you and although I never, ever regret having my beautiful daughter, I do regret that I was unable to do a lot of activities as you grew older. Also, do you mentally feel up to the challenge?"

From me: There are many days that I don't feel mentally up to anything!