Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Calling all writers

I found this site by sheer accident:

The UK bookstore, Waterstone's, is featuring a "What's your story?" contest for writers of all ages. Basically you can go to their website, create your story on what they call a story card, and submit it. There are over a thousand short stories in their gallery for you to browse through and enjoy. Check it out!

It is not available for viewing currently, but they have several authors submitting story cards for a fund-raising auction. JK Rowling and Doris Lessing are a couple of authors that have written for the auction. Rowlings wrote a 800 word prequel to the Harry Potter series, something I'm sure many of us will be interested to read. She did say it was fun to write but that it was nothing in the works.

There will be a book published with copies of the story cards. It will include the stories of 13 great authors along with 3 lucky winners from the public sector. (1 child and 2 adult entries) So, let me know when you enter so I can go check it out!

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