Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Score One for The Dinosaur Train

I love how children's shows change for the times. You have politically correct characters, kids excited about recycling, and parents using modern parenting techniques. These things make me sit back and wonder who writes these shows and how they come up with the topics and dialogue.

I have no doubt how the following dialogue appeared on The Dinosaur Train. Someone had my house bugged (they just changed the word "park" to "beach" and added in the train bit).

Child dino: Mom, can we go down to the beach?
Mom dino: Sure kids.
Child dino: We're gonna find ... and ... and ... (I wasn't really listening until...)
Mom dino: OK kids, you're father would be happy to take you!
Child dino: Alright! Can we take the dinosaur train?
Dad dino: (a bit hesitantly because he just got hosed into taking the kids to the beach) Sure kids, let's go down to the beach and give your mom some quality time to herself.

I KID YOU NOT!!! That show just taught my 2 year old that I need quality time for myself. LOVE IT!

Long ago were the days when those kids would come home to a glass of milk and homemade cookies with mom in an apron, dress, heals and pearls, mopping the floor. "Awe shucks, Beaver, what'd you have to go and do that for?" I still have a crush on Wally Cleaver.