Monday, October 24, 2011

My mom passed me a note at church today. She asked, "Does Payton say, 'oh crap'?"

Yes mom, yes he does. It comes out "oh cap", but it is used appropriately with the right intonations so you really know what he's saying.

He also says:

"give it" when he wants something

"give it bak" when you've taken something from him

"shu-up" when he wants you to stop talking

"go way" when he wants you to leave

"cum ON!" when he's ready to go, usually while pulling on a part of your body or clothing

"ah dis" when he wants you to hold him or something else

"oh can-ee, can-ee, caaaannnnn-eeeee!" when he'd like a piece of candy

"chock-it" for chocolate chips, only when "yem-en-emm's" are not available

"shu-de-door!" which is actually quite cute. Sometime he's telling you that he will shut the door, sometimes there is a question mark at the end of the statement as he's asking you if you would like him to shut it.

"gim-me" if it's clear that he'd like what you have

"NO PUTER!" as he climbs onto your chair, up over your body, onto the desk, and puts the screen to the laptop down. What can I say? The boy takes things into his own hands if you've been on the computer for too long. Unfortunately for me, "too long" is not very long at all.

And a nice rendition of the "clean up" song that he sang today, on the bench, during sacrament:

"keen up, keen up, evee buh-ee, shu-up!"

I couldn't be more proud of this rowdy boy. (please note the sarcasm!)

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Sara said...

Pretty impressive for a not quite 2 year old boy!!! I want to hear Shu-de-door.