Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh Mother!

My mom took Bill and I out to dinner this weekend. Just as she sat down, she said, "hey, my grandson didn't call me like he was supposed to". So what does she do? She whips out her cell phone and sends him a text.

I believe it was only a short year ago when she was lecturing my brother and I about putting our phones away when we were out with her. My, how the times have changed.

(sorry for the lame picture... MY cell phone doesn't take that great of pic's, especially in dim, Outback lighting!)

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Carmi said...

This is delightful: I'm always tickled to see folks using mobile technology to connect in new and creative ways. Lots of energy in this scene: I may yet show this pic to my Luddite mother and in-laws as an example of why this stuff matters.