Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tasha's Birthday Wish List

It cracks me up that Tasha dictated a gift list to Kyra one one day. I found it on the fridge (with bullet points):

  • pokemon (she won't be getting these)
  • wallet (for what?)
  • jewlery (spelled incorrectly, by the 12 year old)
  • slip 'n' slide (to replace the one that got eaten by the dog last year after she used it once)
  • bathing suit
  • sun glasses
  • stuffed animals: dogs, horses, cat, bears, fish (again, NOT going to happen. The last thing Bill wants in this house is more stuffed animals)
  • rollar blades (again with the spelling!)
  • notebook
  • markers-Sharpies if you can (oh, I can, but I won't... can anyone say PERMANENT?!)
  • bakugan (Bill didn't even know what these were)
  • toy computor (ugh, spelling)
  • portable CD player (to replace the one she lost on the way to Disneyland, the day she got it)
  • CD's
  • scooter (probably one with handle grips would be nice)
  • bike (non-princess is the request)
And if that were not enough, I believe there is a list somewhere of what kind of a party she wants. I said, "you think you're having a party?" She knew I was kidding, but we did have to discuss a few details... like you're not having a slumber party with boys and girls, many of whom do not have a good track record with overnights and/or boy/girl parties.

I should really get on the party details, her bday is in 11 days! Ugh.


Bridget said...

I hate the party planning part too. I am fine with kids coming over and making cake and everything but inviting people and stuff I don't like. Way to go getting a head start I normally realize the kid needs a party the day of their birthday... oops

Monique said...

Nice list...Ember is already working on hers and her birthday isn't until June!

I can prob pick up the Sharpies for her... ;) Ember loves them too....eek!

tempe turley said...

Love the "no princess" party request. A while back I heard an interview from the author of Cinderella Ate My Daugher that talked about how the "princess" culture has been pushed on girls. Looks like Tasha has resisted. Good for her.

April said...

I love that Kyra wrote this list with bullet points. Awesome!

You would love Robert Munsch's Purple, Green and Yellow. Perhaps I will get her that book and some markers for her birthday. I love Munsch's stuff. He's awesome for this age. Lots of silliness and repetition.