Friday, March 4, 2011

Eating Your Feelings

Maybe a month or so ago I had a conversation with a couple of guys at church. It was an odd sort of conversation and I don't know how it ended up where it did other than I can't typically stay on topic with any conversation. It ended up on food... oh wait (!) I said I was talking to guys, didn't I? Of course it ended up on food. Silly me. I find that when you let men talk they say some funny things. Other times they can be quite insightful. Mostly they are just dumb.

G1: You should just have your favorite sandwich. (I can't remember how this started)
Me: That's the problem, I don't have A favorite sandwich, I like a lot of sandwiches.
G2: Oh come on, you have to have a favorite.
Me: No, I'm a moody eater. I only want what I want, when I want it.
G2: Really?
Me: Aren't you like that? Don't you want a particular sandwich at a certain time?
G2: Look at me (pointing to his non-girlish figure), do I look like I'm particular?
(A bit of laughter, all around)
Me: It's like pizza... there are certain times when I want certain kinds of pizza, ya know? Sometimes it will be Pizza Hut, other times I want Papa Johns (mostly for the dipping sauces), I rarely want homemade, Costco is a good price for the family, but a real pizza craving sometimes boils down to a crappy cardboard Tostinos dollar pizza.
G1: Oh yeah, Tostinos. (I can see it in his eyes. He has a story, and it's a good one.)

Guy 1 goes on about a college experience in which he broke up with a girl and it broke his heart. Guy 2 gave him a hard time because he shouldn't have done it if it broke his heart. Whatever, guys are dumb. Long story short (and it WAS a long story), he stopped and bought a couple of Tostinos pizzas and was in the process of cooking them when his roommate came home. His roommate saw that he was about to eat his feelings and performed an intervention. It was an eating intervention. That's funny I tell ya. Good stuff.

So what's the point here, H? Nothing really. Just that I've been wanting a stupid Tostinos pizza since that conversation and all I've had was Costco which just doesn't cut it. Yesterday I read a book (almost cover to cover) and there was a dumb boy in it that had a frozen pizza. In fact, I believe there were 3 separate occasions in which three separate dumb boys ate frozen pizzas.

The timer just went off, the pizza is cooling a bit, and I will go cut it into 4 equal slices with my pampered chef pizza cutter because that is what civilized people do. I'm not going to just fold that sucker in half and eat it like a taco. Dumb boys!

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April said...

I have cravings for Trader Joe's goat cheese pizza. It is delicious!

I think this has Willis and Fairbanks written all over it, but I may be wrong.