Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How Did Bill Score THESE Tickets?

A couple of weeks ago Bill came home and told me he got us tickets to a Mercury game. Cool, I like women's basketball and you usually get to sit pretty close for a decent price. He said it was for all four of us if we could get my mom to watch Payton. OK, whatever, we'll figure it out when the time comes. He knew absolutely NO specifics, so I waited.

So Tuesday was the night. Kyra had to decide to miss her Honor Choir practice, and Tasha missed a softball practice. We debated not going, but went anyway. We got there REALLY early because he was told to get there by 6. There were a lot of people wearing Sun's orange, but I figured people just didn't have Mercury attire. I mean, they are women. Who buys sports attire to support a women's team, right? Anyway, Tasha has to pee really bad, so while Bill trots around the main lobby trying to find who to talk to about our tickets, a security guard sneaks us into the bathroom and waits patiently for us to come out.

Bill finds us. He's in shock. The Mercury's season doesn't start until the summer. We'll be seeing the Sun's play from BOX seats. What?

So, here is the box:

Where we sat and ate snacks:

And Tasha could do this:

So Bill and I could do this:

I'm glad we decided to go. And the Sun's even won!


Bridget said...

Wow that's Awesome!!!!

April said...

I couldn't care less about basketball, but I am digging these pictures - even the smoochy one.