Friday, June 4, 2010

Yep, Summer is Here

There are the typical signs of summer approaching that we see in Arizona. The signs that involve too much skin and lots of stinky old men. I'm not focusing on that this year. Here's what I've got:

The itch to go camping. Serious, in the woods, away from the highway, no bathroom, ditch church on Sunday camping. It's happening. I'll make it so.

Swimming pools are calling me. This is odd because I'm not a pool person. It must be Payton and his stinky sweaty head. After our first venture to my brother's house when the water was still WAY too cold, we've made 2 more trips to 2 more locations. The question I really have is: why do I not know anyone with a pool that lives closer than a 30 minute drive?

Watermelon. The good stuff should be here soon. I've had a few tastes already, but they are no where near the good, juicy, sweet quality melon that will be coming out soon. Oh, how I look forward to those!

Summer camps and classes. They start next week. Tasha is jumping out of her skin to go back to Kids Kamp and Kyra will be starting a cool art workshop offered by the city. I think we've got a pretty good jump on staying out of the "mom, I'm bored" state of being, at least for June.

4th of July. I wasn't going to go up north this year but now I'm floundering. I think the truth of it was that it really hadn't gotten hot until this last week. May was beautiful. Then we had like 3 days over a hundred in a row and it started to take it's toll. I think by July I'll want a break and sneak my kids off to my mom's. Maybe we'll do the fireworks, although I think they may freak Payton out, maybe not. Either way, we'll probably stay a week so Tasha can go to Bible camp :)


Jaylee Draney said...

Michon owns a pool. You should get to know her better. You should seriously invite yourself over sometime. She's over on McClintock and Southern.

Monique said...

We'll sneak away camping with you. :)

April said...

I have noticed the stinky men. And I've always descriebed my boys' stink as 'stinky sweaty boy head.' That's just how it goes. Moms with girls don't understand why I bathe my boys so often. Their heads... stink!

Carianne said...

You can borrow my pool key any time